College Life in High School

High school student in college? As weird as it sounds, it is true. Some colleges like Diablo Valley College, offer free college classes for any subject the student wants. All the students need to do is collect a form from the campus and have their high school counselor approve the form. It could be a struggle though. Not only would students have to balance high school and college classes, but they would also have to be able to work with people who have graduated already.

Even though people think it would be hard to balance school with even more school, some people believe that it is a great way to get to get ahead. For example, if a student needs one more year of a language class to graduate, the students can sign up for a course and have that taken care in one semester. It’s the same as school but the student has the ability to choose what teacher they want, what classes they want, and most importantly, what time they want to start.

“College classes are a great way to get ahead and it’s an opportunity to see what the college life is like,” states Anita Li, a student from Balboa High School. “I really enjoy it because it works around my schedule and it gives me a chance to find new friends.”

Most teachers want to encourage students to take these classes because it proves that they are willing to get ahead, but if the students are not doing well in high school they aren’t allowed to take them. Students can fill out a form and give it to the counselor to see if they qualify for the classes. Students with unacceptable grades will not be accepted because those already struggling in high school will not have enough time to juggle both classes.

“I encourage college classes because it is a great experience. It is also good to put in your college application,” says Ms. Kim Halket, counselor at DHS.