Thanksgiving is Almost Here!

Before the month of November can finally come to a close, a very special day must first arrive when together people give thanks for all that they have received, and the individuals they have become. For students, Thanksgiving means a full week off – now, how do Dublin High students plan to take advantage of that break that, no doubt, everyone needs?

Well, if teachers do not intend to pile students with tons of homework, sophomore Sriya Kolli says what she planned to do otherwise.

“I plan on spending thanksgiving break with my family. If not, then have quality time by going to San Francisco and spending the day there. I also plan on shopping and going to the theaters,” Kolli says.

Thanksgiving break is a fantastic time to unwind from the hours students spend in school, and out of school studying – so do something fun and exhilarating to de-stress.

“I plan to have a large dinner with a lot of my extended family members, including my grandparents and cousins,” freshman Divyaa Venkat says.

Of course, how can one forget that Thanksgiving is also code for long tables filled from corner to corner with delicious food.

Kolli also added that her favorite aspect of Thanksgiving was “the way people come together and share food.”

Family time is quality time – this may be the time to actually sit down with the entire family on a day that is actually dedicated to doing so; the wonderful thing about this is that, from near or far, families are able to come together, interact, have fun, and be thankful for one another.

“I enjoy spending time with family and getting to see them more often,” Venkat says. “With our busy schedules, we don’t usually get to relax and have a big dinner together.”

The coming of Thanksgiving arises too many fun filled experiences and thus many things to be thankful for – a wonderful family, great friends, nice teachers, and perhaps life.

Oh, yes – how can anyone forget that when Thanksgiving arrives, so does Black Friday? Though this day can be quite chaotic, it definitely renders as a fun and thrilling experience!

So, whatever vacation may be planned, or however that week will be spent, make sure to use the break to spend a little more quality time with the family, and dedicate that day to being thankful for all that life has offered – the list is endless! Before Thanksgiving day finally comes to a close, find a little time in that busy break schedule to play Elvis for a while – “thank you, thank you very much.”