Goodbye, Senioritis – Hello, Success


Shreya Mathur

ABOVE: Possible acceptance letter that can result from maintaining focus, and staying on track all throughout senior year.

Senior year – the last year of high school. The question for many seniors at Dublin High may be how they intend on spending it – with a strive to continue focusing and pursuing good grades, or by allowing senioritis to grab ahold of them and fall behind as they close their final chapter of high school.

Senioritis can be described as that crippling “disease” that often strikes high school students. Lack of studying, dismissive attitude, and repeated absences are all symptoms of this “disease” that generally occur amongst high school seniors just ready to graduate and finish off senior year. This could be due to the fact that once senior year comes along, most required credits have already been fulfilled, and senior year is no longer that important. It is sometimes said that the only cure to senioritis is graduation, however, what can be said about the measures that can be taken to prevent oneself from catching this “infectious virus”?

Camila Huang, senior, said that she planned to stay clear of senioritis through means of “preventing procrastination by finishing all of my work ahead, before the due date.”

By opting to finish assignments well ahead of due dates, and manage time wisely, it is possible to stay clear of catching an early case of senioritis; if students continue to do this, the urge to slack and turn on that lazy mode will slowly vanish.

Senior Vivian Li suggested that many can keep themselves and others from receiving senioritis by “motivating each other and maybe [just] count down and [say], if I can just get past that, then it’s good.”

By motivating others, all those gears will stay in motion so that every person wants to continue trying to do their best, and knowing that there is only a small amount of time till high school is over should encourage people to end their senior year strong.

“I’m going to make sure I’m more organized and have everything put together so that I know how much I have left and what I have to do”, Li said.

Although one can assume that because colleges really pay the most attention to sophomore and junior year, and will not care if seniors take a backseat during senior year, there are many aspects to this final year that colleges will take a look at during the review process. All colleges require final grades for accepted students; schools want to make sure that potential students continue current schedules and maintain the level and personal success demonstrated in the application. Some schools will require a written explanation, if grades dip during senior year, that is placed on the student’s permanent record – no one wants to have to write one of those. College acceptances can even be revoked if significantly poor performance is noticed during senior year.

“Senior year is the year to prove that you won’t slack off even when knowing that you’re about to leave high school already.  It is a great opportunity to improve your grades”, Huang said.

To all the seniors of Dublin High, and even future seniors, keep those grades up and continue to strive for success even though high school will soon come to a close. This may be the last chance to prove to all those colleges that they have indeed made the right decision when it comes to acceptance – make that everlasting mark and show them what it means to be ready for success.