Students With Jobs

Do you think you’re good at managing your time? Some students answer they are, because they maintain good grades and have a job. Having a job takes a lot of responsibility especially while attending school. So why do some people at school have jobs? According to Austin Sergi, Varsity Football Player, Senior, and employee at Buffalo Wild Wings.

“It’s stressful because I have school and football Monday through Friday. Then I work on the weekends all day so I don’t ever have time to relax, and when I do I am doing homework,” says Sergi. Although the stress may build up on Austin he is working to save money for after graduation, and to pay for his motorcycle.

“Sometimes having a job is pretty hard, but other times it can be easy.” Justin Victoria, a senior at DHS works his spare time at Safeway. He works to have money and save up.

Jake Bye, a DHS senior is currently working at the All The Perks a coffee shop in Dublin. According to Jake working isn’t that difficult, if you’re good with management. He says it’s like playing a sport. “I work because I enjoy having money and spending it” says Jake.

It seems like the common thing between all three DHS students’, is that they all do it just for the money. Taking on a job is a lot of responsibility. Jake Bye missed the football game on October 4th, who we all was the game against Dougherty Valley. Though he wishes he could have be there to watch Dublin, and hang out with friends, he prefers the paycheck.