Thoughts of The Seniors

The thought of being a senior sounds refreshing and exciting. The magical prom, senior kick-off, and of course graduating.

The only sad part about being a senior is that everybody has to go through leaving the wonderful campus of Dublin High. Although some students approach it as being free and independent, there is always a part inside that wants them to stay connected. But other than that being a senior can be very thrilling.

In Dublin High, there is breaking news about how every single senior has caught the terrible disease of senioritis. That’s right; the symptoms are starting to be lazy and unproductive. There is only one more year and the seniors are getting excited to leave already. Would the class of 2014 be able to balance their priorities and just wait a few more months?

“Just let me graduate already!” Sam Leung a new senior exclaimed.

The whole student body is either a senior or going to be senior at one point of our Dublin High experience. Students all get to have fun and have a ‘YOLO’ life, or for some people to strive harder. And some students are wondering what it would be like to be “one of the big kids”.

Although being a senior has many perks, there is a lot to worry about.

“I have to worry about SAT classes and where to apply to college,” Erika Lacsamana, a student from the class.

It causes them to be more anxious about leaving. Who wants to leave this place, right?

Even though the seniors gloat to the other classes of how they can be on their own and, most of them feel the sadness of leaving their comfort zone.

“I am going to be so sad to leave all my friends. I’m going to cry.” Jerilynn Meneses a senior mentioned.

It’s going to be a different experience because you are depending on yourself for the first time. For some, that might sound thrilling, but for others it can seem terrifying to fend for yourself.