The New Dublin High

Does the Dublin community have a good reputation? Dublin High welcomes students from around the globe with open arms. Students enjoy starting new in 2013. New students stand out but not for long as returning students show them the inner workings of Dublin High.

According to Carla Ramos, a new student at Dublin High, people see how much hospitality Dublin has because she feels comfortable here.

“I like the area because its safe, friendly and its nicer than my old school.” Ramos says.

The first day of the school year was unlike any other. Students were welcomed easily and made so many new friends that it was like they never moved. There’s always the rush on the first day to make sure you find the right classroom.

Shreya Mathur, a new student from Milpitas, states, “My first day was great. I was able to navigate my way around the school.”

Not only are students welcome among their classmates, but our teachers welcome them as well with such exuberance that the new students have felt like they’re in a place that feels like home..

“From what I can tell, students adapt quickly and are ready for the new experience.” Said Mr. Chatigny, a DHS biology teacher.

So far students have enjoyed being a part of Dublin High. The club fair was a big welcome to our school. Even though some of the returning students may have been intimidating, a lot of new students were eager to sign up for clubs.

Some people have left and chose to return because Dublin High’s everlasting impression has been imprinted in their memories. Quiara Meredith, new senior returning to DHS, is looking forward to culminating her high school career in a place that is so sentimental to her.

“My first day back was full of hugs and catching up with old friends.” she stated.