Teacher Spotlight: Mr.Parsons

“What’s a special talent that you have?”

John Parsons face lit up with excitement when he was asked this, he then hopped up and grabbed his lacrosse stick that was placed in the corner of his classroom and started doing tricks with the lacrosse ball. Balancing it on the side of the stick and twisting and turning the stick with passion from his love of the game.

Mr.Parsons is a new teacher here at Dublin High. He teaches Expository Writing for Seniors and World Literature for the Sophomores. A friendly, yet humorous character has been greatly added to the English department.

Parsons grew up in Pleasanton, went to Amador Valley High then attended UC Davis. His choice to become a teacher was influenced by the happy lifestyle of his parents and his love for education.

“My parents were teachers and I really like their lifestyle, education is one of the most important thing that there is,” Mr.Parsons said.

Everyone has a different taste in music, but unlike the stereotypical genera of music choices for teachers, older songs with reserved lyrics, Mr.Parsons branches out to a variety of more modern music. But he still enjoys the classical rock bands as well.

“I listen to alot of rap, Childish Gambino, I saw him last year, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Zion I, Nas,” Mr. Parsons said, “But my favorite rock band is Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Eagles, Led Zeppelin.”

Mr.Parsons passion for lacrosse started in 8th grade when he joined a team in pleasanton. Parsons then played on the UC Davis college team. Now, he plays in a player-driven organization. Organizing school, playing for a team, and any other daily responsibilities he has, Mr.Parsons clearly shows how dedicated he is to his passions and to teaching.

“We have our regular season in the Spring and play against other teams in the Northern California Lacrosse Association,” Mr.Parsons said, “we have tournaments in the offseason that we travel for. We play in Tahoe, San Diego, Las Vegas, New York and some other places. Practices are once per week in the Spring and we have to work around all of the players’ work schedules.”

As a teacher, not only is he respected by his fellow colleagues but also by a lot of his students. Students in his classes, especially seniors, really like the fact that he is a younger teacher. Because Expository writing is a college prep class and who’s better to teach a class on being prepared for college then someone who graduated not so long ago. Teaching scenarios are much more realistic and relatable.

“I think over all, every senior is going to be ready for college already, but his class will definitely help us write out essays and for future essays in college and even how we should act in college,” Hayley Anklem a student in his Expository Writing class said, “I feel like he kinda understands our generation a little more than other teachers because he is so new, he so fresh out of college, and I thats the best kinds of teachers for expository. “