Senior Satisfaction

   Having spent three years on the same campus, with the same peers and the same atmosphere, are seniors truly excited going into their very last year of high school or are they stressed under all of the pressure of what’s next? Do they get so wrapped up in the excitement of senior activities that they forget about the decision they are making or are they confident in the direction they are headed?

    Seniors are known for their tardiness or lack of effort but not at Dublin High.

   ” My goals for the year are to get into a four year college and become a successful businessman,” Kalim Ahrari, DHS Senior, answered. The ambitions of the 2014 graduating class were not left back in their junior year, not one of them is allowing the fact that there is only a few months left in their high school career distract them from their hard work.

          Dublin High’s class of 2014 is not only hard working but able to balance their priorities, they don’t forget the fact that there is a ton of fun to be had your last year.

   ” I’m looking forward to homecoming week, this is probably one of the most involved weeks for all students and it’s a good welcome back to high school for everyone,” Senior, Rachel Fuller stated.

    Seniors are looking forward to achieving a great deal, not only at Dublin High but afterward. They are a great example of hard working, talented and driven individuals who are determined to meet every goal.