Behind Our School Lunches

Mystery meat. Sloppy Joe’s. Soggy vegetables. These are just a few types of stereotypical high school lunches. However, this is not the case for Dublin High.

Dublin High School offers an impeccable variety of foods, ranging from daily specials to items that are always available.

“We offer Little Caesars, sushi, sliced pizza, cheeseburgers, burritos, sandwiches, and specialty salads,” according to Cindy Irwin, the Cafeteria Lead at DHS.

When asked about which foods were most popular amongst students, Irwin replied, “Rice dishes.” With this said, the lunch specialists at Dublin High know to make this entrée more frequently, and it is this type of service that sets us apart from other schools.

Not only is it important for Dublin High students to know what the school offers, it is also relevant for them to know how their fellow classmates feel. One senior, Marci Paita, says that her favorite food item from the menu would be the strawberry parfait. Vedi Chau, a sophomore at Dublin High, chose the Hawaiian Sweet Maui Onion Rings. However, for both these students and Irwin, none of them would choose to take anything out of the current menu.

Aside from providing a wide range of meals, Dublin High also follows very firm guidelines. As much as Irwin would like to put in even more types of food, “they’re really strict on the amount of calories we must have. We cannot have much fat in our foods.” This applies to all public schools across the country; we need to meet all the same requirements. For example, one of the things both Paita and Chau stated when referring to health costs was that they didn’t want their foods to be excessively oily. These guidelines are here to make sure that what we consume doesn’t contain too much oil or grease so that not only will they taste better, but they will be better for the students as well.

School lunches are always going to be an opinionated topic because it is hard to please everyone. Whether students like to go off campus or buy from school, lunchtime is always an important part of the day. However, if students could take away one thing from this, it should be that for Irwin and the other lunch specialists, their main focus is, “we just want kids to buy from us.”