After School

What do different people do after school ends at Dublin High? Do they go home, to the library, or maybe somewhere else with friends? Some people study or slack off, while some have part time jobs. And what do you think teachers do at the end of a school day?

Mr.Meyer teaches the 7th period ROP video game art/design class at Dublin High School. When 7th period ends, Mr.Meyer either stays in class to grade work, goes home, or goes to the gym.

“I’d like to go to the gym and eat dinner before 7:00,” Mr.Meyer said at the end of 7th period. This year Mr.Meyer is also teaching three more periods and over twice the amount of students he was last year. “A teachers assistant to help with grading would be nice.”

Dan Bragar is a senior at Dublin High School who participates in after school sports and ROP classes.

“I’m on the track team because sports are fun to me,” said Dan. He has to manage his time between his 7th period ROP class and track conditioning, which both start at the same time after school. “When I can, I leave 7th period earlier to make it to conditioning sooner.”

John Leath is a senior at Dublin High that works a part time job at McDonalds after school ends.
“I got a part time job to make my own money,” said John. “My job doesn’t interfere with studying or homework,” he has A’s and B’s in all of his classes.