What to Expect at Grad Night


Pelin Kaya

ABOVE: Pelin Kaya and friends enjoy grad night last year at ClubSport.

   Every year, the senior class graduates and while it may be a joyous event, there are a lot of friendships that may or may not live on after graduation. Every senior is now starting their “adult” lives and taking a whole new step into the real world. A lot more responsibility and freedom is now given to them as they walk across the stage of graduation. But, in that, comes losses. Losses include childhood, relying on “mommy and daddy” and being close to the people you grew up with.

   Nevertheless, it is still a moment to be cherished and celebrated. Traditionally after graduation, seniors celebrate their accomplishments of doing well and completing their classes for the past four years. This celebrational event is called grad night.

   At Dublin High, we celebrate this great time at ClubSport in Pleasanton. Grad night consists of games, sports, fun activities, and free food. This is how the seniors celebrate all of the hard work they have accomplished.

   Alumni Pelin Kaya says that the best part was “being together with my best friends, having just graduated high school, and cherishing the moment to the start of our last summer before we left for college”.

   The seniors roam around ClubSport and do what they choose to do. There are opportunities to play sports for the boys, get tattoos for the girls, and food for everyone that attends. Grad night is really a night to remember. It is symbolic of all the good times we had as high schoolers and the new experiences we will have as college students.

   There was “lots of fun activities and cool little things we could do, and my favorite was the free food,” says Kaya.

   The last couple of weeks that seniors endured and trudged through the school year are all worth it towards grad night. Kaya says, “Overall, it was such an incredible night and the memories I have from that night will always be close to my heart.”