Powderpuff: Seniors On Top Once Again


Bidjan Aminian

Senior celebrating after their hard earned victory

   Ready, set, HIKE! On Friday, May 31, Dublin High had its annual Powderpuff game held at the Dublin High football stadium at 6:30pm. It was a fun, friendly competition that really united both the junior and senior classes.

  The game started off with the seniors on offense and the juniors ready to go on defense. The game took an interesting turn when the Junior girls made the first incredible touchdown. Iman Hamze was a little roadrunner and ran the ball all the way into the end zone with the entire senior defense chasing behind her. She not only pumped up the entire crowd but the sideline of about 60 Junior girls were ready for the next play.

  As the game went on, Junior Amber Magalleneze scored the second touchdown of the game bringing everyone on their feet cheering. The crowd was loud and enthusiastic about the strong offense the juniors had.

  Seniors tried very hard to step their game up. By the time the first half was over, the juniors were up 14-0 with amazing touchdowns by Iman Hamze and Amber Magalleneze.

  “I liked how the girls played and how physical it got,” said Junior Elias Popal.

  The traditional halftime show provided by the Junior and Senior boys really made the night even better. The juniors, with about 20 cheerleaders, went first and performed a well-choreographed routine with flips, tosses and turns as if they were competing at nationals. Then the Senior boys, with about 6 cheerleaders, gave an interesting performance. They really worked the crowd.

  During halftime, the Senior coaches gave a phenomenal talk with the girls and they came back to show the Junior girls what they were really made of.

  The first touchdown for the Senior girls was ran in by Kendra Cheda on a fake to Tiffany Harris. Then as the game was heating up, a 5-yard penalty against the Junior girls was given and quarterback Tiffany Harris ran the ball into the end zone, making the crowd and the Senior sideline burst into excitement.

  With the game now tied at 14-14, both sides strengthened their defense. With one quarter to go, the seniors put Myiesha Simmons at quarterback, confusing the Junior defense and she ran the ball giving the Seniors the lead for the first time all game.


   Holding up their end for the remainder of the game, the Senior girls were the winners of the 2013 Powderpuff game.

  “I feel that the game went alright, I think that we should have won but the seniors really put it all out there,” said Junior head coach Jacob Pluta.

  Ending with excitement and ebullient screams, both sides really never gave up and kept it a friendly, fun and safe game.

  “I felt that the girls did a wonderful job. They went out there played, had a rough start at the beginning of the game but then brought it together and showed what an amazing team they are,” said Senior head coach Ondre Rudolph.