Memories Reminisced at Baccalaureate

Seniors Randi Nguyen and Hillary Santuya reflect on the seniors high school years. Credit:

Seniors Randi Nguyen and Hillary Santuya reflect on the seniors’ high school years. Credit:

Red, blue and white gowns flowing all around in the hallway. 100 degree weather in a gym with no air conditioning. People on the bleachers making the programs their fans to cool down. On Saturday June 8th, seniors, their families and faculty members gathered together in the Sports Complex for Baccalaureate to remember the memories they all made the last four years.

  The seniors lined up in the hallway with half of them going out one door and the other half going out another. As the seniors walked in the gym, “I’ll Be There for You” by the Rembrandts played as parents started to clap and the seats were filled with a pattern of red, blue and white. After the seniors were seated, Senior Camille Chabot went up to the podium to welcome the audience to start off the event and kick off things right.

  The Class of 2013 Memory Poem was recited by senior class president and vice president, Randi Nguyen and Hillary Santuya, who has put in all of their best effort and hard work to make sure that the seniors had the best senior year ever possible. Nguyen and Santuya brought up the experiences that the seniors made on their journey throughout high school and how they have come together as a class and family.

  After the recital of the poem, class advisor Ms. McCort spoke about the four years that she has endured with the senior class and the memories that other teachers had of the seniors in their classes. Up next was a moving performance of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” by Senior Noirita Saha.

  Senior Manny Rubio started off the introduction of the speaker the seniors selected to speak at the event and Mr. Rubio made the seniors laugh and cry with his effectual speech and words of wisdom. He also wished them good luck in the next chapter of their lives and gave words of advice that the seniors would keep close to their heart.

  Next was a slideshow presentation of memories made by Senior Ryan Pacheco that was filled with baby and current pictures of the seniors. Seniors were filled with laughter by the pictures of their friends as infants and looking back brought happy and sad tears in their eyes.

  As the slideshow was completed, the class parents’ hard work and dedication were recognized by Seniors Kendra Cheda and Christa Hunt. Mrs. Cheda and Mrs. Hunt were introduced and thanked by their daughters for what they have done the past four years for the senior class. The class parents also recognized those who has assisted them over the years and they could not have done anything without them.

  Senior Spencer Hollie introduced Reverend Sharon Hollie, who gave an inspirational speech and blessing to the seniors as they embark on a new journey. The ceremony ended with the final remarks given by Senior Samantha Theard in her closing speech. The seniors rose up from their seats and exited the gym in a line row by row as “Graduation” by Vitamin C played. Students and their families left the hot Sports Complex to move over to the Student Union for refreshments and socializing.

   Baccalaureate was a beautiful event that many seniors will remember and never forget. It brought things in perspective about life for them and they now will look back with memories in their hearts.