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The official Student News Site of Dublin High School.

The Dublin Shield

The official Student News Site of Dublin High School.

The Dublin Shield

Dublin High’s Got Talent

Bidjan Aminian
After the judges have decided that Junia Coutant was the winner

   Dublin High is full of very talented students. On May 18th at 7 o’clock pm, Dublin High had its annual talent show. There were ten contestants that competed against each other, most of whom sang. The panel of judges consisted of Mr. and Mrs. Rubio, Mr. MacDougall, and Mr. Oravetz, who were to make the decision on the top three talents.

  The hosts Ondre Rudolph and Mimi Maghrbi were hilariously entertaining. Ondre started off the show wearing a wig and dress lip singing Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You.” Every time the hosts appeared, they were wearing a different outfit.

The acts at the 2013 Dublin High Talent Show were:

  • Alex Cappa, Nick Sinai and Mr. Taylor sang as a trio

  • Laura McClaren sang “What Makes You Beautiful” by One Direction and “Stay the Same” by Joey McIntyre

  • Ryan McRee performed an excerpt from The Laramie Project

  • Nick Sinai, again, but  beatboxing this time

  • Julia Coutant wrote and performed her song “Truth” on her acoustic guitar

  • Caitlin Carrion sang “Die in Your Arms” by Ariana Grande

  • Erica Lacsamana, Patricia Brewer and Angela Kang performed and sang Justin Timberlake’s “Suit and Tie”

  • Karl Johansson, Garrett Alexander and Chris Brandt performed “I Don’t Know Why”

  • Torron Shakir sang “Need You Know”

  • Alex Cappa and Ryan McRee sang “Wounded”

  • Victoria Datanagan and Gwynn Cristoballi sang a mashup of several songs

  • Victoria Oblina sang “Wings”

  Julia won first place and received sixty dollars on a Jamba Juice gift card, Ryan McRee and Alex Cappa won second place, and Nick Sinai won third.

  “I really enjoyed the talent show. It was surprising how many talented people we had at our school that I didn’t know about,” said a junior that attended.  “It was a close call between Julia and Nick’s beatboxing for me, but Julia definitely deserved it with her own song.”

  The talent show was a great showcase for all the students at Dublin High that wanted the school to know about their talents. The show had a great turnout and everyone enjoyed themselves.

About the Contributor
Danielle Boccio, Opinion Editor

I’m Danielle Boccio and I am a Junior at Dublin High. What I like most about journalism is that we get to choose what we get to write about, and a certain topic isn’t assigned to us.

What I like most about Dublin High is that the students here are a lot more accepting than those at other schools, well at least from my point of view. My favorite spot in Dublin High is the Stadium, because that’s where all the games are and everyone always has a fun time there.

My favorite place in Dublin is a three way tie between: Cold Stone, Starbucks, and Valley Christian because I like to go up there and look out at the view of Dublin. In my free time I like to go shopping.