The Hunger Is Real


Have you ever been in class and you suddenly felt a rumbling in the pit of your stomach? You’re starving and you have a bag of carrots but when you try to grab one, your teacher yells at you to put it away and throughout the rest of the class you’re in physical pain. Any of this ever happen to you? Well it has happened to me.

Here at Dublin High School students can get in trouble for eating in class. Even though students may have a clean and quiet snack, the teachers still have the right to take your food and throw it away.

I feel that if you are a student and you have to sit through a whole hour with your insides yelling at you to get food in it, that you should be able to do so.

In the morning if you’re running late you sometimes miss breakfast and grab a granola bar on the way out to eat in class but when you get there you can’t. So you spend the entire period frustrated because you’re hungry and don’t do your work as well as you would have before.

“I think that we should be able to eat because food gives us energy,” Junior Marcos Benavides says.” I think they can tell us when and when not to eat since we are under their supervision.”

But many teachers feel that when students are given the privilege of eating in class we take advantage. That there are multiple stains in the carpets from mochas or other staining drinks. When people eat crummy food it gets all over the floor and it’s a huge mess.

“When students eat in class they leave a mess and their trash is on the floor, that’s why I don’t let my students eat in class,” English teacher Mr. Aminian says.

Overall, teachers should not have the right to deny students the right to eat in class. So many people go throughout the day starving because they aren’t allowed to eat in class and it reflects back on their work.

“Students should be able to eat in class because we can’t focus if we’re hungry the whole time,” Junior Amber Magallanez says.”Teachers should not have the right because they get to eat so I don’t see why we can’t.”

But if there are certain rules like fruits and bagged foods only or something along those lines, I think that it would be a great compromise. The students will be happy, teachers will like the fact that the students aren’t sneaking behind their backs. Everyone is happy.