Hitting the Gym Instead of the Books

Rose Hanson, Layout Editor

Senioritis is in full swing. Less homework being done, lower test scores, and not a lot of motivation to do anything but sleep. But what are students doing instead of school work?

Many are hitting the gym.

“I work out probably twice a day,” senior Tarik Fattah says.

Mostly the senior boys are known for this trend. The constant time at the gym could distract students from important assignments that teachers usually begin to assign around this time of the year. A student that decides to skip a homework now and then can turn it into a habit.

“There have been times that I haven’t turned in an assignment because I’m at the gym,” senior Kalim Ahrari states. “Lately it’s been everyday.”

Doing homework before a workout can allow more time at the gym without that, “I totally did my homework but I left it at home” excuse in class again.

A lot of stress can be released by working out. It is a healthy way to get the weight off of one’s shoulders.

“It helps me focus during school if anything,” Fattah says.

Because of the endorphins (chemicals the brain produces) that are given off after a workout, it is easy to get addicted. Students stated that many of them are working out a minimum of 4-5 days a week.

“I work out 6-7 days a week,” Ahrari said. “It motivates me to work harder and really push myself.”

The positives of working out are numerous, but the cons of not doing school work, such as studying and homework, could affect a student’s future.

“I had to cut down at my time at the gym because I noticed how it affected my grades,” an Anonymous source stated.

Yes, a summer body is nice, wonderful even! But if it means taking a lower G.P.A. at the end of the year, that’s for you to decide.