The New Year Grind


Jacob Solomon

A Busy 2014 Ahead! Caption: Jacob Solomon supporting his future school, Auburn

After a chaotic 2013, people are thankful to start over on a clean slate. Students are making adjustments to their daily life, whether it includes school, sports, or extracurricular activities. The student body at Dublin High is exploring different opportunities for the rest of the year.

Junior Sereena Patel already has her goals for the new year, set out . With a busy schedule and lots of activities after school, she is trying to be as productive as possible.

“Im keeping my priorities in order this year, first comes school, and then cheer; considering we have nationals in February,” Patel says.

As for the seniors’ last semester of high school, students are excited for the next few months. Abbey Sweeney is more than happy for this final stretch. Through track, cross country, school, work and her social life, she has managed to make the most of her high school career. Starting off her first two years of high school in Chicago was a difficult transition, but it was all worth it.

“To be graduating and know that all your hard work paid off is truly an amazing experience,” Sweeney stated.

With a new year ahead, students are excelling with sports as well. Sophomore Xenia Perea is content with the beginning of the years so far. Between balancing after school activities and soccer, her homework load has been quite large, but she has been managing her time wisely.

“ I’m continuing to play soccer, keep my 4.0, and stay busy with friends and family” Perea says.

Dublin High even has their own golf star, Jacob Solomon. Committing to Auburn, he describes it to be a very exciting change.

“Auburn is an awesome school for golf. The atmosphere is great there! I’m also looking forward to representing Dublin High” Solomon says. “It’s definitely something different, but I look forward to experiencing that”.

If 2013 wasn’t exactly what you have hoped, the new year is a perfect opportunity for setting your priorities straight and improving inside and outside of school. Whether that means working harder in school, training more at practice, or starting something completely new.

A Busy 2014 Ahead! Caption: Jacob Solomon supporting his future school, Auburn