Dear Meems 5

Dear Meems,

   I’m gay and my friends are always making fun of gays. I’m tired of being in the closet but I’m afraid my friends will not want to be friends with me and mock me for my sexual orientation. What do I do?


Dear Trapped,

   I think you should definitely come out to your friends. It’s ridiculous for your friends to mock you or be ashamed of your sexual orientation. That does not make you any less of a person or any less of a friend. You should be confident and if you can’t take being in the closet anymore, you should definitely be yourself.

   You might also want to rethink what type of friends you have. A good friend is a friend that will support you no matter what sexual orientation or skin color. If your friends are really going to drop you when they find out you’re gay, then you need to drop them too. You should find friends that will love you,be your friend, and like you for you. That’s also for any person who has this problem.

   You also have to look at it from their point of view. Your friends are still in high school and not many gays come out in high school because they are afraid to. They might make fun of gays because they have never met one. Their close-mindedness is a result of ignorance towards people they are not used to. If you do come out, that might show them a side of gays that people fail to see is that they’re “normal” people.

   If you come out, just make sure you’re confident in doing so. Going to a close friend (maybe female) first is easier than coming out right to your parents or those friends. There is also the Gay-Straight Alliance on campus that is filled with caring and understanding people. Remember that even if you don’t come out now, you have all of college to make friends that are compatible to you and more understanding. Friends who bully other people and you for somebody you are, are not good friends. Find good friends who love you, are nice, and supportive of whatever you choose.

Best of Luck,