The Dublin Shield

Winnie Chan

My name is Winnie Chan and I am currently a senior this year.  Journalism provides me ample opportunities to write for the public, and in this case, the student body and staff members at Dublin High.  I think it is important that I am able to inform others about what is going on.  To have that ability is not only empowering, but also a gift that I cherish and will continue to cherish.  Dublin High easily provides that opportunity for me as it has a safe environment perfect for learning and growth.  Other than Dublin High, I consider the theater and plaza at Hacienda to be my favorite place in Dublin.  It gives me a lot of memories, ones with both my friends and my family.  Being there feels like being in a small community, and it allows me to stay in close connection to the area.  Whenever I have the time, I simply enjoy walking.  Long-distance walking for me not only gives me the chance to exercise, but also allows me to truly appreciate what is around me.

Winnie Chan, Copy Editor for News and Other

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