The Powderpuff Game, A Fun, Energetic Evening


The Junior class takes a class picture before the game. Despite their loss, their optimism and endurance made this an engaging game.

This Friday, May 11th, Dublin High School students took a break from the stress of ap testing and finals to have some fun at the annual powderpuff game. The powderpuff game is a football game between a senior and junior team. The twist, however, is that the girls play football while the boys cheer from the sidelines.

Sammie Crocker and Halle Hershon jokingly face off before the game.

For the past several years, powderpuff has been a treasured tradition at Dublin High School. As the parent of a senior remarked in the stands, “it’s some good-hearted competition that builds team spirit and is always fun to watch.”

Each side designed t-shirts to demonstrate team unity and build excitement for the game the day of. In remembrance of the San Ramon Valley High School student that lost his life this week, the players wore green and yellow ribbons in their hair as well. The homage to the student made the event all the more meaningful and was intended to serve as a sign of support for the student’s family and high school.

Juniors Emma Caulfield and Prava Punnamraju smiling wide and excited for next year even after the Junior team lost.

After weeks of training and preparation, the senior and junior team faced off this Friday. Both teams put up a strong fight and were filled with energetic, committed players. The boys on the sidelines and the audience kept the players motivated with cheers for the class they were supporting.

Emma Caulfield declared that “Powderpuff was a super fun experience. I loved the practices leading up to powderpuff with my class and the super exciting game against the seniors, but the cheerleading routines were the real highlight of the game.”

The game ended with a senior victory, giving the seniors a sweet memory as they prepare for graduation. The juniors were all in good spirits, even with their loss, and clearly had fun on the field. Junior Prava Punnamraju explained that even though her class lost, “the powderpuff game was a great way to bond with people I normally wouldn’t have talked to.” Prava confidential remarked that “even though we lost, we’ll definitely dominate next year.”

All in all, the powderpuff game was a lot of fun and a good distraction from the academic stress of this final stretch of the school year. For those of you who missed it, make sure you attend next year for an incredibly fun tradition.