Why the Kevin Durant Trade Could be Detrimental to the NBA

Sumedh Vaidyanathan, Sports Editor


With the NBA (National Basketball Association) season quickly approaching, we can probably notice that most of the Warriors fans are excited to talk about their team’s newest addition. No, we are not talking about David West; we are talking about the one and only Kevin Durant.


Before moving to the Golden State, Durant was a small forward for the Oklahoma City Thunder. As a small forward, Durant won several prestigious awards including, but not limited to, the Most Valuable Player of 2014, 4 x NBA scoring champion, and NBA rookie of the year 2008. However, when Kevin Durant spoke about his decision on July 4th 2016, the basketball world was in shock. Some fans reportedly were thrilled with the idea that a former MVP player was going to join the already powerhouse team. However, many critics and players panned the idea of Durant going to GSW, calling the trade “The worst trade that happened to the NBA since Lebron James’s trade back in 2010”. Durant’s decision even spawned multiple meme sections, with him getting called out for following the phrase of  “If you can’t beat em’, join em“.


This trade could have a gigantic impact on the NBA, and the biggest consequence will be the lack of competition for other teams. “I don’t think having two superteams is good for the league,” is what NBA commissioner Adam Silver said during a press conference at Las Vegas Summer League, referencing the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers. Silver even believed that all teams should realistically have a chance at winning the NBA Title, not just one or two. As you may recall, the Golden State Warriors were only one win shy of winning the NBA Title last season and adding Durant to the team will increase the Warrior’s chances of winning the NBA Title dramatically. This will also reduce competition and will significantly crush the other franchises’ dreams of winning the title for possibly the next few years.


The bottom line of this situation is that Durant’s trade will most likely impact the NBA in a negative way. However, this is just a prediction for the upcoming 2016-17 season; no one knows as of yet what the future holds for the Golden State Warriors. All we can say is that we hope that Durant recovers from the backlash he got after his decision was made.