A Splash of Color!


Photo Credit: Aleia Villanueva Edit Credit: Grace Li

Aleia Villanueva, Writer

Running shoes. Shorts. T-shirt. Sunscreen. 5k race. Color.

Wait, what? Color? That has nothing to do with races.

It does if it’s the color run.

On the 19th of October, Dublin High School hosted the Annual 5k Color Run/Walk to provide the community access to wellness information. Various organizations and businesses such as Rockin’ Jump, Get Fit Yoga, and Dublin Integrity in Action were involved with the Wellness Fair to promote health and safety. These associations believe that it is essential that students and young people are physically, socially, and emotionally healthy in order to ensure that they are prepared for a lifetime of changes for whatever path they may take.

The color run will help fund for DUSD Wellness, Anti-Bullying, and Character Education programs. Over 600 children, students, and adults of all ages were seen running or walking to support the cause.

“I’ve done the color run before and it was really fun,” junior Brooklynn Dees said.

Many students like Dees, and even school staff members such as English Teacher Mr. Aminian and American Sign Language Teacher Ms. Medeiros, participated in this exciting event.

“My favorite part is that we get color thrown at us, free t-shirts, and how everyone is running together,” senior Paige Gardner said.

Amazingly, the top male runner, John DiSimone, age 49 from Livermore, ran a time of 16:18, while the top female runner, Shelley Summer, age 59 from San Jose, ran a time of 22:14. These winners along with those who made it first, second, and third place in their respective age groups, won a prize for their achievements.

Everyone who supported the race are very much appreciated. Hopefully next year’s event will be just as outstanding. Keep smiling and stay healthy, Dublin!