Sleep and How it Affects You

   Sleeping is not always a priority for all high school students. Many people, especially teenagers, would rather stay up late playing video games, hang out with friends, listen to music,or do all of these things at once. However, there are the few students who choose sleep over these things.

   “I’d rather sleep because sleep is my best friend,” said Sophomore Inessa Kulikova.

   “I wouldn’t say I stay up late, but TV is commonly the last thing I do in the day,” said Junior Jeremy Benge.

   But what effect does staying up late have? How does it affect school and grades?

   As a teenager, we need between eight and nine hours of sleep to feel completely rested and awake in the morning. There is a direct correlation between the amount of sleep one gets and the kind of grades one receives.

   When we sleep, our brain has time to process information that has been learned during the day and commits it to memory. Without sleep, it is harder to retain information that is needed to attain good grades on tests and quizzes.

   Sleep deprivation, no matter how little, has been proven to diminish mental performance. It makes it harder to focus in school, which as we all know, is crucial to getting an “A” in our classes.

   However Kulikova states that “I have friends who get GPA’s higher than a 4.0 even though they rarely get more than 5-6 hours of sleep.”

   While another sophomore, who does not wish to be named, says “Without sleep I believe that our bodies are less likely to fully function.”

   A study done at Tel Aviv University on its students showed that stress and minimal sleep go hand in hand. When these two are combined, people do not sleep as much and are usually up thinking about what has them stressing. It’s important to try to let go of stress before going to bed, that way there is no sleep deprivation. Also, when we sleep, our brain has time to think about what is causing the stress, and it works it out. That is why we are told to “sleep on it”, because you may wake up and realize that the problem wasn’t so big after all.

   So let sleep take a priority, you will be more rested and your body will appreciate the rest.