The Habit Review

When it comes to getting a bite to eat in Dublin there are tons of options, so what stands out? Well The Habit, similar to popular fast food company, In-N-Out, a burger joint, has just opened their doors for business the past week. The Habit is located right across from Chuck E Cheese and sprouts located at 7295 Amador Plaza Blvd.

From customizing what bun you want, to ordering a salad, The Habit offers a wide range of food you can order: All starting at Burgers ($3), sandwiches ($6), salads ($4), fries ($2), and shakes ($3).

When visiting this establishment I first noticed that the parking lot is very small and crowded because it is being shared with another business: Freebirds. So when they both start up and get busier, it’s going to be hard to get a decent parking spot close to the doors.

Walking in the doors it was a different atmosphere; unlike Wendy’s, there was no designated line inside. It was smaller, so a claustrophobic feeling was present as I waited in line beside people who were already seated with their food.

In a matter of minutes I was able to get to the front of the line and order: Chicken sandwich, wheat bun, tomatoes, and raw onions. The wait that followed my order was not long, and let me tell you it was worth it. From first bite to last bite I can say I enjoyed that chicken sandwich. It was neither undercooked nor overcooked, just a plain juicy patty, but more than that it was just right where each bite was nice and juicy, unlike the Mcdonalds McChicken which is more crisp and dry.

I would recommend The Habit to anyone looking for some good food. Aside from being the first Habit to open in Dublin, The Habit is already well known for its burgers near the area. So there is no doubt that The Habit will be successful and grow. After visiting this establishment I can say I was impressed by the service, quality, and prices that The Habit offers.