The real captain america

Liliana Wong, Online Editor

Captain America is a hero because of his strength, integrity, and his back story. But in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, it shows more about the way he reacts to the future being stuck in the past while the first Captain America was his story before he became a superhero.

The movie Captain America: The White Winter Soldier was a good continuation of the first Captain America because it is the complete opposite but yet the same. The first movie takes place in the past while the most recent movie is filmed during present day.

Although they were years apart, the great part of the movie was the little connections that referred back to the old times. It was not like any other superhero movie, it’s a complete different story with a different villain. Captain America created a new story but blended it well.

Through out the movie, they would make references like his past girlfriend who was older by the time he saw her, the location of the secret hide out, and even his best friend was a character. This gives character to the movie because it helps the audience better understand what’s going on better by showing them something they are familiar with.

The cause of the past and present also showed the side of Captain America no one has seen yet. When his best friend who was thought to have died came back, Captain America shows genuine feelings which wasn’t love or hate, but true happiness. Even though he was being defeated, he couldn’t stand the thought of even hurting his friend. This movie taught me the value of true friendship.

Overall, it was a great movie with action, a hint of romance and a great costume. Captain America: The Winter Soldier, is a great addition and hope to watch more in the future.