The Greatest Show

Audrey Kang, Staff Writer

A Musical? A Biopic? An All-around feel good film? The Greatest Showman fits them all. Delivering an inspiring tale loosely based off of the life of P.T. Barnum, a renowned showman and founder of the Barnum & Bailey circuses, The Greatest Showman features all of your favorite actors from Zac Efron to Zendaya and the acclaimed Hugh Jackman.

Set in mid-19th century New York City, the movie follows the life of P.T. Barnum and his endeavors to fulfill his dreams. The movie starts off with a young Barnum and his blossoming romance with the daughter of the rich man he worked for, Charity. Charity is then sent to finish school as Barnum finds himself a job on the railroad, and both continue  exchanging letters all throughout their years apart.


Once they reunite, Barnum immediately asks for Charity’s hand in marriage, albeit their social differences. They move into the heart of the city to live a life filled with wonder and dreams in the face of their burgeoning financial issues. After Barnum is sacked by his company, he returns back to his childhood dreams of leading a circus.

Amidst the catchy songs and romance, the message of The Greatest Showman is definitely not lost.  As a perfect movie to watch for an audience of all ages, The Greatest Showman is an inspiring movie for anyone working towards his or her dreams against all odds.  

Besides all of the news about P.T. Barnum’s mistreatment of elephants and the darker sides of show business, some critics are accusing The Greatest Showman of glorifying the circus. However, it’s important to keep in the mind that the goal of the film was not to praise the circus itself but to the ideas behind it.

With the multitude of films out there in the box office today, The Greatest Showman definitely deserves a top spot among them. With its insanely popular soundtrack and cast of talented actors, it does not disappoint. It truly is the greatest show.