Fantasy Job

Have you ever wanted to be an astronaut or a princess? Why dont you want to be that anymore? Did something influence you do something different?

Getting older means your views change on things. Maybe you like watching different shows, or maybe have different interest. Chances are that society has had an effect over that, it has influenced you somehow.

“Growing up I have always wanted to be a teacher, but I really wanted to be a video game designer”, said animation teacher Chris Meyer, as he explains how he ended up where he did. “My views of what I wanted to do didn’t change. I was just given an opportunity to teach and I took it.”

“I always wanted to be a Professional skateboarder,” said senior Connor Moller. “I now want to be a pharmaceutical representative. I changed my mind because realistically I knew I wasn’t at the level you need to be to go pro. I would go professional in a second if I had the opportunity though.”

“I wanted to be a doctor, to help people”, said senior Tyler Joy as he explains why he changed.  “I want to be a nurse now because it’s a lot easier and you can still help people.”

Maybe your views did not change, you might still want to do what you have always wanted to do.

“I want to be a pilot”, says senior Joe Hailey. “I have always wanted to be a pilot, nothing changed from childhood to now. I can’t see myself doing anything else and I’m very passionate about it.”

Like Joe some people find something they love young and keep that fire throughout getting older and become what they have always wanted too.

Maybe it was just me that wanted to walk on the moon and realized that it may not happen. Figuring out what you want to do in this life as a job is not an easy choice, it’s a life decision. You can change mind about what you want to do, but what made you change your mind?