“Trick or Treat! Smell my feet! Give me something good to eat!” Halloween is near and people are getting ready for the best time of the year. Free candy, Jack O’lanterns, Scary and funny costumes, and even parties. Halloween is the only time you get your teeth to sink into delicious candy of all kind. People will be dressing up in scary and funny costumes as they will get their whole bucket filled with delicious candy.

People invite families and friends over to just hang out on Halloween night. For some others, they stay home and make haunted houses in the front of their house, like Nathan Fisher, a junior.

“I’m setting up a Haunted House in front of my house.” Fisher said.

Not everyone celebrates Halloween, because of maybe religious reasons or they don’t like Halloween in general, so instead they stay at home like Joonie Jong.

“I’m gonna have an anti-Halloween,” Jong, a Junior, said. “I don’t celebrate Halloween.”

The most interesting things to do on Halloween is the parties. Many people will have a party during Halloween night and its a great way to meet people and chill out while you have fun. Some haven’t decide whether they want to go to a party or not, like Junior Adam Agostino.

“Might go to a Halloween party, not sure.” Agostino said.

As Halloween gets near, younger kids want to go out with their older siblings. Peter Clark, junior, wants to take his siblings out for Halloween.

“I’m taking my siblings for trick-or-treating.” Clark said.

Halloween comes once a year and already people have decisions to make of what they are going to be doing.

So, what will you be doing for Halloween? Have you decided yet?

Theres a lot of other things you could do like go to the Halloween Haunt in Great America, which will return on September 27, 2013. You could also tell scary stories around a campfire in the middle of a haunted forest. You can do anything on Halloween night because there are endless options you can make. Go eat candy, or scare people at your own Haunted House, but try to do something on Halloween and just have fun!