Must-See Movie: Oblivion

   Tom Cruise’s latest movie is a captivating one. Not only does it have an action-thriller feel, but a hopeless romantic edge.

   Oblivion takes place after an invasion by another species and Earth was left in ruins and any speck of mankind was on a remote planet. Jack Harper (Cruise) is a security repairman on earth who has to battle between his forsaken past and the job he has to carry out.

   Living in 2077, he has to find any kinds of the leftover species and terminate them. With two weeks left on his patrol, he gets an unexpected guest to whom he is attracted to. The girl he rescued is the only survivor on her spacecraft that crashed. Dealing with the truth about who he is and the actual mission at hand, Harper has yet to choose what to do leaving the future of planet Earth in his hands.

   The movie was a well spent two hours. It left me on the edge of my seat the whole showing and never did I once blink. Towards the end, I was dying of anticipation to find out what Harper does to control the situation.

Everything was flowing well and it was just one scene after the other. Not once was there a dull moment in the movie. Cruise’s co-Star Olga Kurylenko, who played the unexpected guest that he falls for, did a marvelous job. She commanded the attention of the audience. It felt as if her pains and problems were your own. The casting was on point. Every actor did a phenomenal job carrying out their roles.

The plot line had a unique edge to it, giving a new feel for alien invasions. Overall, I give this movie high ratings and really recommend to anyone who likes a little twist in their movie plots to definitely watch this thriller.