Winter Break 2021: A Recap


Jino Nicolas in front of the USS Constitution in Boston, Massachusetts Photo credits: Jino Nicolas

Following a hectic first semester of the 2021-2022 school year, students of Dublin High breathed a sigh of relief as Winter Break came around. Exhausted from preparing for their finals, students were finally able to catch a break from busy school work and make time for other commitments and hobbies. As the second-semester approached, some students were interviewed and asked to share how they spent their time over break. 

Many students took the opportunity to travel and spend time with their family and friends. However, thousands of flights were canceled due to inclement weather and the rapid surge in coronavirus cases. Thankfully, not everyone’s travel plans were affected. 

 “I went to Boston with my family and saw some historical sites,” said Jino Nicolas, a junior. “My favorite thing to do there was eat,” he joked. 

Other popular destinations this Winter Break included Hawaii and New York. However, some students even traveled internationally. 

While some students were able to enjoy their break traveling and enjoying a change of environment, others spent their free time working to make some extra cash.

Jessica takes Belle, her friend’s dog, on a walk on Iron Horse Trail. Photo Credit: Jessica Chang

“I worked over break as a cashier and drink maker. I did mostly afternoon to night shifts at Boba X,” said Jessica Chang, a freshman.Despite working many hours in a week, Jessica also found time for other activities.  “Other than working, I dog-sat my friend’s dog Belle while they went to Los Angeles.”

Working a part-time job was not the only way students remained productive over break. Many seniors put aside time to finish up their college applications.

“College applications were all I did,” said Vish Adoni, a senior. “ I applied to UIUC and Oregon Tech, and got accepted into Oregon Tech.” 

As Winter Break comes to an end, some students are excited to return to school and see their friends once again, while others are anxious because of the more contagious Omicron variant of the COVID-19 virus spreading throughout the country. Although many universities and school districts have resorted to virtual learning, students of the Dublin Unified School District are to remain in-person till further notice.