Our Dublin: A wonderful message about diversity and unity in our community

In times of social distancing, our society has been more divided than ever. Acacia Triplett, Dublin High’s newly elected diversity ambassador, has stepped up, hoping to make a change and bring unity to our community through designing the empowering, “Our Dublin” t-shirts for all Dublin High students and staff members. 


The “Our Dublin” t-shirt symbolizes unity through it’s five fists and an inspiring quote from The Hate You Give that reads, “Your voices matter, your dreams matter, your lives matter. Be roses that grow in the concrete,” . Triplett decided to use this influential quote to convey her message about being the positivity that grows through hate and hardships. 


“Through the racial tensions, division and hate I saw throughout the summer, I thought making the t-shirts was a good message to bring to the school at that time.” Triplett expressed.  “The ‘Our Dublin message is: this is who we are, this is who we represent, and that spreading diversity and unity is all of our jobs. The reason why I chose the quote on the back is the quote ties into the entire message of being the positivity that’s growing through hate and hardship.  I read The Hate You Give and I thought the quote was perfect to tie the message together.” 


Triplett has also worked towards supporting diversity and spreading her message of unity through collaborating with the Golden State Warriors. Like many of her peers, Triplett has always been a huge fan of the Warriors because of their wonderful community. The special place that they have in her and many student’s hearts make the collaboration even more meaningful.


“My grandpa and I went to a Golden State Warriors Playoff game. At the playoffs, they had warriors jerseys on all the chairs for everyone. No matter our age, race, or gender, we would all put on these jerseys and we would all come together and we all had the goal of the warriors winning.” Triplett explains as she expresses how the jerseys influenced her movement, “The t-shirts were such an amazing way to unify us and make us come together and I wanted to bring that unity to Dublin High School.” 


Triplett has worked on many influential projects over the past few months as Diversity Ambassador and strives to work on more. She hopes to break the wall that divides the cultural clubs and be the bridge between Dublin High and the Community. “I saw a lack of connection between all the cultural clubs. Everyone would do their own amazing way, but there was nothing that was connecting everyone together. So, I thought that a diversity ambassador position was needed at the school for everyone to support each other and come together.” 


Triplett continues to describe her mission as diversity ambassador, “I also want to be able to spread this message to the community by being a bridge between the highschool and the community so the community of Dublin can get involved and help.” Triplett’s movement has positively affected many students around Dublin and she feels grateful for the platform she has been given as Dublin High ambassador. “I have been so humbled and blessed to receive such positive feedback. I would like to just give a huge thank you to the Dublin High students. I love our school and I feel like we are really doing something here and bringing unity to our community.”