Political Clubs Host Watch Party for Second Democratic Debate


Arjav Rawal

Students, motivated by extra credit and a desire to stay informed, gather in the HUB to watch the debate between Democratic primary candidates.

On September 12, Dublin High students were invited to the Hub to watch the 2019 Democratic Debate. The event, advertised as the “Democratic Debate Watch Party,” was hosted by the DHS Democrats, the DHS Republicans, and DHS’s Junior State of America (JSA), as well as Amador Valley High School JSA and California High School JSA.


When asked the purpose of the debate watch party, DHS Republicans President Ananya Varsheya said that the purpose “was to put together an event that would inform the student body about the state of politics and the upcoming debates in a fun way.” In this regard, the goals of the debate were realized, with students laughing and commenting on statements from the candidates. DHS Democrats President Arjav Rawal echoed Ananya’s sentiment but also stressed that their primary purpose was to ensure students were informed. Arjav went on to say that, “the purpose of the watch party is largely dependent on what angle you look at it from. For a first-time Democratic voter like me, it’s about evaluating the candidates I’ll have to choose from in March. For a Republican or for an independent voter, it’s about making sure you stay informed about the challenges our country faces and what the Democrats’ solutions to those challenges are.”

Junior Spandana Janapati expressed a similar purpose for attending the watch party, explaining that she “wanted to become more politically informed because [she] can vote in the next election.” Of course, for most students, the primary incentive to attend the debate was the extra credit offered by several teachers. But, nonetheless, students were still informed about the upcoming elections, and as Arjav reiterated, “even if many of the students were motivated to show up for extra-credit, they still showed up, and I see that as a win.”


The civil discourse encouraged at the debate as well as the fact that it was hosted by both the DHS Democrats and DHS Republicans, even as these parties’ national platforms grow increasingly divergent, the debate was also a testament to opportunities for cooperation across political ideologies.


In the future, the DHS Democrats and DHS Republicans will also be hosting a debate. Stay tuned for more information!