Prom 2018: Taking Stay Fly Dublin High to New Heights


Saturday, March 24th, 2018 marked the night that most juniors had been waiting for all year: Prom. Held in an airplane hangar in Livermore, the night boasted of airplane displays, good music, and unlimited free tacos. The class of 2019, along with a few students from other grade levels, was in attendance, as well as a few teachers. Although Ms. Heather M. Whiting has more great pictures on her Flickr from the night, check out the Dublin Shield’s photos below of  some amazing food, decorations, and students having fun!


Before heading over to prom, many students and parents chose to take photos at Shannon Community Center.


Students line up outside the airplane hangar as they wait to be admitted inside.


The planes that had previously been stored in the hangar were displayed outside for students to admire and take pictures with.


Dinner included a variety of foods such as pastas and tacos.


Along with larger party tables, private tables reminiscent of a romantic, candlelit dinner were also available for students to sit at.


Students danced to catchy tunes with friends and dates throughout the night.


In response to the chilliness, students found innovative ways to warm up their snacks, such as holding their cookies up to heat lamps distributed across the floor.


Fancily decorated tables and photo booths were also present for students to enjoy at prom this year.