Arts Department Spotlight: Dublin Choir

Vikram Nithyanandam , World Editor


In the DHS Arts department, the vocal music division is full of students with the love of music and the willingness to make it together. The Dublin High School Choir has students who share this passion of music and work hard for every concert to sing their best and shine. All the choirs are taught by choir director Adam Serpa, and he has proven to be a great teacher for DHS choir. Here’s an informational spotlight on the DHS choirs:


Chamber Vocal Ensemble

The Chamber Vocal Ensemble is the most advanced choir class that the vocal music department offers. It is taught during 5th period and has 23 students who auditioned and succeeded in making it into the choir. Chamber Choir is a small class in terms of the number of students, but that’s what brings the choir closer together as a family.


When asked about what stands out most about Chamber Choir, senior Public Relations Officer Angel Delgadillo passionately stated that, “Despite our backgrounds, we’re still together and our choir room is a safe space for us all.”


So far, Chamber Vocal Ensemble has performed three times – at the Splatter festival, a Wednesday staff meeting, and their first annual Fall Sing Performance. The Splatter festival and the staff performances were informal, while the Fall Sing with California High School and Livermore High School was a formal performance. The Fall Sing was a concert of sharing music and learning how to improve musically to sound even better. The Dublin Choir sang “Good Night Dear Heart”; “Sicut Cervus,” a Latin song; and “Bashana Haba’ah,” a classic Hebrew song.


When asked about the Fall Sing, senior Vice President of the Choir department, Caitlyn Acha, responded that “it was inspiring to see the different levels of choir in our community and it gave us many ideas of what we are capable of becoming.”


Concert Choir

Concert Choir is a beginners’ level choir for students who are interested in music, but have little to no experience in it. Concert Choir is a great stepping stone into launching the high school musical careers of many students. The goal of Concert Choir is to teach students about the basics of choral music and how to work in a choir. Some of the goals involve learning how to read basic sheet music, understanding some piano music theory, and improving each individual’s voice so it can compliment the voice of the choir best.


Advanced Treble Choir

Advanced Treble Choir is an all-girls choir that has a higher difficulty and rigor. This choir works just as hard on music as Chamber Vocal Ensemble and puts in just as much effort, and the level of difficulty is higher than Concert Choir for sure. Advanced Choir introduces music from other languages and sings songs from many parts of the world as well. In fact, it is more common for them to sing music from other languages than in English.


Show Choir

Show Choir is our intermediate level choir, and unlike the other DHS choirs, they sing AND dance, hence being called Show Choir. Show Choir works every day to memorize dance moves and song parts for the upcoming Winter Concert. Show Choir is considered a step up from Concert Choir, but at the same time, their music is not as advanced as Chamber Choir. This is where dancing comes in, which is what makes Show Choir unique in comparison to other choirs.