Indian Fashion Show


Shayan Bawaney

All the participants of the fashion show together on stage.

Anissa Rashid, Photography Editor

On Friday, the Elements of India Club hosted Jazbaa, their first annual Indian Fashion Show. Jazbaa celebrated the beautiful and vibrant Indian culture and community. Over fifty models exhibited ornate sarees, lenghas, and kurtas, along with bindis, bangles, punjabi shoes, and delicate jewelry. The show fostered widespread support for Indian culture because students of all races were encouraged to participate and experience the beauty of our community.


“Organizing jazbaa was so amazing because I got the chance to display my culture to those who aren’t aware of it as well as build a ton of new friendships. It was so beautiful seeing everyone from different ethnicities come together to showcase our Indian culture. The show itself couldn’t have been any better than it already was!” – Amreen Sandhu, Co-Vice President of the club


After a night of performances, bhangra music, and samosas, the show came to a close. The Elements of India Club hosted an extremely successful event that was well attended and highly praised. As a participant, I witnessed the hours of preparation that led up to perfecting this night. It was heartwarming seeing people of all ethnicities join to celebrate our Indian culture. The Indian community at Dublin High has left its mark, and hopefully Jazbaa will continue as a tradition throughout the upcoming years.


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