Angelfall: Book Review

Emily Ellis, Writer

The apocalypse has descended onto the Earth. Huge, muscular angels are flying around wreaking havoc on the remaining inhabitants of large cities, and gangs have formed to claim territories and weapons to protect themselves. 17-year old Penryn is left with a life in pieces as she attempts to take care of her younger, wheelchair-bound sister, and her mentally disturbed mother who frequently disappears to dress up dead bodies and hasn’t taken her medication for six weeks. Suffice to say, life is not easy for Penryn – but her problems only seem to multiply as she watches her disabled sister fly away in the arms of an evil angel.  With the help of Rafe, an angel who has recently lost his wings, Penryn must scour what remains of California in order to get her sister back. In the process, she discovers more about herself and her partner in crime than she ever wanted to.  

Susan Ee’s novel Angelfall is the first book in the Penryn and the End of Days trilogy, and it does not disappoint. With action filled fight scenes, punny humor, touching romance, and bizarre scenes describing post-apocalyptic life, Susan Ee thoroughly captivates her audience and keeps the reader wanting more. The entire trilogy also takes place in the Bay Area. With the help of Silicon Valley’s smartest inventors, a rebellion of Californians fight the angels and set up camp in a surprising location. If you enjoy reading a little on the morbid side – jokes about death, cringe-worthy puns, cannibalistic zombie children, massive scorpions, and strong, rebellious heroines – then Angelfall is definitely the book for you.