Top 5 Games You Should Go to in High School

Ashley Kim, Managing Editor

Some sporting events from high school are a part of the high school experience. Little moments from these games, like the cheers in the GAEL Gauntlet or the song played by the marching band, are some of the best memories one can ever have from high school. Even if you’re not one for sporting events, here is the complete list of games you should go to in high school!


  1. First Football Game

The first football game of the season is one you should attend! Show pride in the Dublin Gael as our varsity football team kicks off the season! This one has already passed for this year, but if you didn’t go, you should try it out next year!

  1. Homecoming Football Game

The number one game you have to go to, the homecoming game is the end of the amazing homecoming festivities to kick off the new year and to welcome the alumni back to DHS! It’s not only one of the best ways to make memories with your friends, but also is amazing experience full of cheers and spirit and FNL! This year’s homecoming game just happened, but, like with the first football game, if you didn’t go this year, go next year!

  1. #BeatDV

The football game against our rival school is one for the books. There is a powder toss and it is a game full of spirit! You might even get a mini poster with the hashtag #BeatDV like last year!

  1. Powderpuff

A game where the girls play football and the boys are the cheerleaders? Sounds like major girl power. Watch all of your girl friends be the stars of the show while your guy friends do back flips and cheer them on!

  1. Senior Nights!

Whether they are for swim or girls’ tennis (where they set up an amazing photo booth with props), support your senior friends as they play in their last game in their high school sports career! Bring posters and gifts, and prepare for a lot of sentimental memories that will last a lifetime.