Homecoming Skits Are Here!

Shayari Saha, Writer

This was taken by Trisha Shah at the 2015 Homecoming Skit Rally. These are the class of 2017 Juniors during their “Lost in Alcatraz” skit.

Homecoming at DHS is one of the biggest events of the year. And one of the homecoming events that almost everyone looks forward to is the skit night. What better way to unite the school and to show off your undying school spirit, than by showcasing your talents in the friendly rivalry between the  classes?


For those who haven’t been to a skit rally before, it goes like this:  each class performs a skit with a dance that shows off their theme, how awesome DHS is, and, of course, how their class is the best of the four. This year, the theme is roads.

The freshmen class is doing their skit on Wallaby Way from Finding Nemo. They plan to shock everyone with their “fresh” talent and surprises. Everyone who are participating and representing this 700 people class, is overjoyed and excited to be able to be part of this experience. And they are ready to win!

The sophomore class is doing Route 66 for their skit and dance. Arsya Sinha, who was the script collaborator and caster, is extremely excited to be a part of this.


“This is my first time being involved in skit, but last year i participated a lot in float and area. With skit, I just love meeting new people and learning about their personalities. Especially with acting, you find out things about people like what they’re comfortable with and it is so interesting to find out the things that they find amusing. I wouldn’t mind doing it again at all. From the sophomore’s, just expect some fun times and school spirit because we definitely love Dublin High”  

Arsya Sinha, Sophomore Class President


The junior class will be doing Rainbow Road from Mario Kart for their theme. Saahil Shangle is an actor and dancer in the skit, who is sure to show the school that the juniors’ skit will be completely different and revamped!


“The homecoming skit has been a great experience all around! Not only have I gone from being a terrible dancer to being semi-okay, but I’ve met many new people in the process as well! Homecoming has effectively brought me closer to my peers, and I highly recommend that everyone participate in the future!!”

Saahil Shangle, Junior Class President


The senior class is doing Yellow Brick Road from the Wizard of Oz for their theme. Jenny Dyer, an actor who is representing the flashback to freshman year, is really excited to show the school all the surprises and new things that the senior have prepared.

“Everything about the skit practice was fun and memorable. The dance was especially fun, because our class is so close, so it made everything an enjoyable time. This wasn’t my first time being involved. I have been a part of homecoming since freshman year, and it has always been a memorable time.”

Jenny Dyer, ASB president