Speak Worthy Words

Erin Bradley

Social networking these days aren’t used for the same things as they were in past generations. Just saying hello, posting a few pictures here and there or sharing your feelings. All those various types of virtual activities aren’t what takes place. In this day and time, teenagers especially, are beginning to become fond of tweeting, and sharing how they feel, without thinking about how others might respond.

Social Media based issues at Dublin High has been circumventing around campus. It seems that some students forget to remember that not everyone is on the same page as them. Something as small as an opinion or side comment, can be interpreted as something that was never meant to be said. Saying things over the web, can truly affect someone, and how they

think about themselves, or certain situations. We’ve been taught to think about what we say before we say it, the same rule applies to Twitter, Facebook, or any other website. Words can hurt a person, and they can go a long way even if it’s a simple compliment or insult.

The constant use of Twitter and/or Facebook has been causing an uproar of problems between friendships and relationships. What some students at Dublin High haven’t realized is that everyone can read what they say online. They never go away, even if you think you’ve deleted them off of your personal profile. Every tweet, every status, every picture, is out in the public for everyone to see and comment on. One wrong move, can either make or break someone’s life. There is not a tweet or comment in the world that is worth destroying someone’s life. It isn’t fair that a life can forever be altered all from a tweet or something that was posted online, remember to say positive things.

Now that we are open to the use of these public websites, doesn’t mean we should take advantage of them. It’s time to learn that not everything is private, because one way or another, your opinion will be heard, and it might be heard by more people than you originally planned. Thinking about what you want to say, will take you far not just in school, but in life all around. Being cautious and courteous to others will benefit you in the long run. Doing this will prevent any further issues that would be pursued in the future.