inner-rivalries brewing between Dublin sports teams

Malik Peay, Dristributor

On and off the field, whether it’s baseball or football, Dublin high players are forming animosity towards each other due to each team wanting to have the best record, sparking a competitive spirit. A storm is brewing during spring and fall sport’s seasons between Dublin High’s very own sports teams. This could have a negative effect on athlete’s performances if they compete with each other constantly by who holds the best record at DHS.
“These rivalries between us and other teams could distract us from focusing on our own performances rather than the football team’s,” Junior Jake Minton says.
According to Varsity baseball player, Jake Minton, inner-school rivalries could negatively impact his team’s determination. Rather than striving for a record that is slightly better than the football teams.
“Our only rival should be Dougherty valley, having rivalries within our own school is unnecessary,” Junior Josh Nobida says.
As a varsity football player, Nobida proposes his opinion on these rivalries exemplifying how Gaels only rivals should be another school. This shows that he thinks of these inter-school rivalries as negative and that may have consequences to the camaraderie of Dublin High. This is providing an athlete’s perspective of how rivalries may have consequences.
“Gael pride is what we should be enforcing,” Junior Anthony O’ Brien says. “Not rivalries that create hatred between Dublin High’s own teams.”
Each of these athletes has a negative outlook on these rivalries, even though it may be fun to participate to see who’s the alpha team. Rather than participate in inter-school rivalries, athletes try to enhance their own team’s record. These rivalries are developed between spring sports and even fall sports its just the competitive nature of being an athlete but it may be harmful.
“Even though these rivalries don’t distract me, I just feel like my teammates could be focusing on better things like our own performances,” Nobida says.
More insight on inter-school rivalries can be distracting to some athletes. The people of Dublin High are all Gaels–we shouldn’t let rivalries within our own school teams develop and hinder our school commorority. So let the Gael prevail!