Does Social Media help students or Just waste their time?

Hannah Balboni, Social Media Manager

In this day and age most everyone uses the internet and

use it often, on our phones, tablets,and computers. But how often are you on your phone when you have better and more important things that need to be done?


Many students social media accounts are distractions.

“I probably go on my accounts multiple times in a single hour, not because I have notification but just to do it,” senior Amelia Dickenson, stated.


They waste their time during school hours and extracurricular activities checking their phones and such to see who’s posted what on twitter and Instagram. Our generation is overwhelmed with checking up on what others are doing or reading the latest gossip plastered on social media and most of the time these students have a million better things to do.


Social media accounts are a huge distraction when it comes to schoolwork and homework.

“Sometimes it gets in the way and I just procrastinate my work, or won’t do my homework all together because I’m stuck on twitter,” Dickenson continued.

They might have the intention of just checking their account quickly before they start their work but in reality they end up phone glued to their hand as an hour of wasted time passes them by.

Students have also made checking up on these accounts a habit, sometimes they don’t even mean to get on twitter and such but as soon as they pick up their phone, their hypnotized into pressing the baby blue bird app.

“I check my accounts just by habit now, I automatically do it when I open up my phone, it just happens,” said junior Kristyn Ponce. “Theres plenty times during the week where I am distracted by social media when I should be doing more important things.”


Deleting these accounts so that they aren’t wasting so much time is a easy resolution of course but also unrealistic so what is to be done? Students should put their phone elsewhere, an out of sight out of mind option or completely shut it off altogether. If your phone is off there’s no way of actually checking your account.