Last Minute Tips for Junior Prom


Karina Guru, Assistant Editor in Chief

Makeup, hair, dates, and dresses. Already sounds like girls are getting ready for junior Prom. With it just around the corner, girls now have limited time to figure out their plans for the night. To know where and when to spend money is important, so you don’t overpay for anything.


Based on past experiences, girls have overpaid for their prom. Even accounting for the fact that it isn’t the cheapest event, there are still ways students can cut down on their expenses.

Senior Hannah Barakzoy talks about her Junior prom; where she went, how much she paid, and so forth.

“I did not have a budget, most of the money I spent on my dress, and it was not worth it, I suggest juniors to not shop online, try to find stores at which you can find cute dresses for cheap,“ Barakozy says.


Even after finding a dress, there will still be chaos. Whether you’re doing your own makeup or getting it done, girls are scrabbling around to look the best they can on prom night. Some popular places to go if girls want to get their makeup professionally done, is the mall. With so many makeup counters, all there is to do is schedule an appointment and show them a particular style.

Typically girls do not spend as much on Junior prom as Senior ball. Take it from Senior Faith Ablao, her Junior ball was simple, but completely worth it.

“I actually didn’t pay a lot, my dress was pretty cheap, my date paid for my ticket, and I paid for flowers. The entire day was a process, from morning to night,” Ablo states. “I had the time of my life, and I can’t wait to enjoy myself at this years Junior Prom.”

Students can can always go into Ms. Slavec’s, where girls are turning in their used dresses. There are a variety to choose from depending on how many dresses are given to the school. Another way to save money is to do hair and makeup on by yourself, or have a friend do it.

The junior class this year is already purchasing their tickets, and finalizing their plans for the evening. Junior Tatiana Bouri is pretty set, with a dress, makeup and hair appointment, and a date.

“I tried to shop in store, this way I could try it on right away, and get it altered if needed. And for my makeup and hair, I made an appointment last week so that I won’t have to wait on the day of prom,” Bouri explains.

As she said, purchasing her dress in store definitely helped.  If girls do order their dress with enough time before prom, then there is time to alter and change anything.

“If you haven’t started looking for prom yet, there’s always time. Ask around, some friends might let you wear their used dresses, or check out the Stoneridge Mall, such as Macy’s, JcPenney, Sear’s, or Windsor” Bouri continues.


Considering prom is a couple weeks away, girls should be finalizing their plans so there is no confusion on the day of prom. It’s is never too late to make plans. Looking at different malls or shopping centers will give girls a variety of options. Lastly, if girls are planning to do their own makeup and hair, Ulta (at Hacienda shopping center) carries a collection of hair accessories, and makeup tools. Ulta is also one of the more affordable options and they can do makeup as well. Jewelry, shoes and other prom accessories can be found at Love Culture, Nordstrom, Forever 21, and stores similar to them.