NCS Cross Country Article


Karina Guru

Dublin Boys and girls Cross Country team posed for pictures after their races on Saturday, November 23rd.

Last Saturday marked the end of another successful season of Cross Country at Dublin High, NCS. After training hard for nearly six months, seven trained boys and girls were able to step up to the starting line for their varsity races. Meanwhile, coaches and parents watched from the side, athletes were then sent off on their three mile run.

Sophomore and Varsity runner, Nicole Chen, was so surprised by how loud the crowd was cheering.

“It was nerveracking and exhilarating, everything that we’ve been training for since June came down to this race,” Chen mentions. “The sweat and tears we put in was so worth it.”

After the race, scores were put into computers, for the team and for individuals. Dublin High ended up taking home fifth place for boys and eleventh place for girls. With all of this training, the coaches weren’t surprised to see the team have a good race.

When he arrived at the course, sophomore David Zamboanga was ready for the race.

“Cross Country is a living, breathing creature. If all the parts work apart, then there is certain death. The body of the creature must work in harmony to sustain life,” Zamboanga tells us. “DXC is a family. We run together as mighty Gaels.”

Even though athletes had ran this course before, this race was especially important because it was their last. They had to give it their all and show other teammates what they had been working so hard for throughout the course of the season.

For senior athletes, it was their last race as Cross Country athletes.

Senior Garrett Garcia describes the Cross Country family bond.

“My favorite thing about Cross Country is the trust and bonds that the team shares with each other, to trust that everyone will get their part done so the team can succeed,” Garcia states.

Many athletes who raced were happy with their times. To be surrounded by friends and family made it even more special. Towards the end of the meet, all athletes gathered at the gym where top finishers were awarded for their spectacular performance. One of their own was called up to the podium, junior Zachary Schmidt for running a sub 16 minute three mile!

Junior Annalisa Watson and other varsity runner explained what the day was like.

“It was just an overall great day. I wouldn’t have it any other way,” Watson says.