A School Without Lockers?

If you have always wondered why Dublin High does not have any lockers, then you’ll finally find out the reason.

According to Mrs. Shimizu, about four or five years ago, students from Dublin High voted whether to have two sets of textbooks for each class—one at home and one at school—or to have one set of textbook for each class and lockers to store them. Students voted to have two sets of textbooks instead of having lockers so the district invested the money in textbooks instead of lockers. Lockers aren’t cheap and in fact, they are quite pricey. Especially for the current 1,900 students in our school, it would be extremely costly.

“Dublin has provided books that you can have at home and books that are in the classroom so there is not a necessity to carry the books around,” says Mrs. Holthe.

In the end, it was the students’ decision to not have lockers. Student representatives from our school took a vote and chose to have 2 sets of textbooks for each student. The lockers would cost lots of money; imagine all the processes of cleaning and keeping it looking as if it was new!

Students want to use their cars as lockers, but they are not permitted to access the parking lot during school hours except for before school, after school and lunch time. It is also by the law that students remain on campus, not in the parking lot for supervision and safety purposes. Students that are still going to the parking lot may receive detention since it is not permitted.

The privacy of cars can allow for students to hide illegal objects from campus supervisors. Therefore, limiting students’ access to the parking lot during school hours is highly enforced. “Unfortunately there could be students that are using their cars to store things that we don’t want on campus,” states Mrs. Holthe.