Is It Worth the Money to Buy a Parking Pass?

Parking passes hang in the front window to be shown off.

Parking passes hang in the front window to be shown off.

Are all the spots taken? Do you have to go park on the street? As you may know to park in the parking lot at DHS, you need to have a parking pass. Not everyone needs to buy one, but some people prefer not to because of all the craziness in the parking lot.

“I’ve had to park on the streets because I needed to get out quicker to go home or to workout.” says Senior Katy Everts.

Some students enjoy the luxury of having their car accessible throughout the day so they can drop off some binders or get food at their cars. There are times when the parking lot gets a little crowded, but on a daily bases theres plenty of room for those with parking passes.

”I haven’t had to park on the street because there’s plenty of room in the parking lot.” Says Senior, Ryan Scott

Everyone at Dublin High has a different opinion of how much space is available in the parking lot. Some students, such as Senior Lauren Lovato, disagrees with Scott saying that the passes really don’t do anything.

“It’s not really worth the money because people just park in the parking lot anyway, which sucks because there’s usually no room,” Says Lovato.

Students who just park in the parking lot don’t realize that they’re taking spots away from those who paid for a spot. It’s not very fair to those who have paid for a pass because there’s not really a consequence for those who didn’t.

Before you spend $40 on a parking pass, think about the easier choice: parking on the street. It gets you out quicker and saves you the money. If you think parking in the parking lot is easier then do so.