The Homecoming King and Queen Nominees of 2013-2014


Mr. Aminian

Jordan Garcia taking out the red rose from his box and winning homecoming king.

Homecoming is an event celebrated at Dublin High every year. A specific event we do at Dublin is the voting and nominations for the homecoming king, queen, princes and princesses. This year, at Dublin High, the nominees for the king are Jordan Garcia, Alex Perea, Andrew Totaro, Zac Maloney, and Chris Zhao. The nominees for queen are Taylor Le, Caitlin Murray, Haleigh Hawkins, Danicca Kettle, Nani Edmonson, and Alexis Anderson. The homecoming king is announced during the homecoming rally, which takes place Wednesday, October 9th, and the queen is announced on Friday, October 10th, during the football game.

“I really want to see an underdog win, not just someone who you would expect to win, not someone super popular or anything,” explains Garrett Garcia, senior at Dublin High.

The winner of king and queen can be anyone, but what it really comes down to the people. People are eligible to vote who they want to become king, queen, princes, and princesses a day before the rally, Tuesday, October 8th.

“I have no clue about who the king and queen may turn out to be, but I’m excited to find out!” explains Jon Ng, senior at Dublin High.

Homecoming nominations and the rally are only just one of the amazing things that take place during the homecoming week at Dublin High. Homecoming week also offers a variety of other events that make it so much more amazing!