Agreement Reached in DTA Dispute


Jasmine Virk

ABOVE: Teachers at Dublin High organized demonstrations as one way to gain support for their cause.

This year, many students coming to school early in the morning may have noticed something unusual. Teachers of all subjects stood near the outskirts of Dublin High wielding signs and passed out colorful fliers while parents honked their support. However, while the teachers and parents were aware of what was happening, many students were confused by the demonstrations.

“I honestly didn’t know what was going on about [the demonstrations] when I saw them,” said Senior Vanessa La.

The demonstrations on campus have been a part of the growing frustration teachers have felt over yearly rising healthcare costs and a lack of compensation for greater workloads and nothing to combat the increasing cost of living. Teachers are also upset that they have not received a raise since 2007 while in September 2012, all Dublin Unified School District (DUSD) employees received a 1.5% pay raise except for members of the Dublin Teacher’s Association (DTA).

Teachers at Dublin High have been vocal about their frustration over a lack of resolution to the situation and have taken to wearing buttons announcing “It’s Time…” as an act of solidarity and to bring awareness to the Dublin community.

Dublin High teacher Ms. Lewis has been working with a four-person bargaining team from the DTA throughout this situation and will move up to bargaining chair next year.

“It was 6 years since any increase in pay per hour that isn’t related to more experience. In other words, 6 years that teachers & counselors, who are also part of our union, had not gotten any kind of increase to help offset the costs of living increases,” said Ms. Lewis on the DTA’s position.

As for the Dublin Unified School District, Assistant Superintendent Valerie Williams was not able to offer much information as to the details of the negotiations between the DTA and the DUSD but said she was “hopeful” of a positive outcome for all parties involved.

Ms. Williams’ optimism came through as the DTA recently reached a tentative agreement with the DUSD. The DTA’s paycheck is 1.5% higher now but only to compensate for this year’s 16 collaboration days. However, the DTA feels as though this is unfair as all DUSD employees received an increase in their pay despite only the DTA working overtime. This increase in pay for all employees is due to a clause in their contract, which has become a topic of debate between the two organizations.

However, the DTA was able to get a 1.5% raise on their salary schedule, meaning that this increase will be a constant increase in pay, not just a one time thing. Despite this, the cost of living has gone up by over 10% in the years the Dublin Teacher’s Association has not received a raise, meaning none of our teachers, nor any public employee, have received a pay increase that equals the increased cost of living.

The situation only becomes saddled with more issues as the cost of healthcare continues to rise for all Americans, not just teachers. The DTA is currently looking into ways to cut costs and save money for and on healthcare.

Despite the obstacles the DTA faces in the future, one thing remains clear: students appreciate the hard work their teachers put in and sympathize with their ordeals.

“I think [the teachers] should get a raise because they deserve it,” said La. “They educate us for the future.”