Suprise, Suprise!

   On April 1st of every year the same tradition happens – April Fool’s Day. This is when everyone decides they want to pull funny pranks on their friends, family, and the people around them. Where did such a tradition start from?

   The holiday originated from people believing that April 1st was New Year’s Day. The French adopted the reform calendar and shifted New Year’s Day to January 1st, while others continued to celebrate New Year’s Day on the first of April. The French decided to poke fun at the people following the old calendar and a new tradition was born.

   Most of the pranks were the usual white lies people tell either parents or friends to make them freak out for a minute or just to surprise them.

   For example, a Dublin High student “told his friend [he] lost his dog while walking him” and another student said, “I told my parents that I got into an accident when I didn’t”. The white lies are mainly meant for humor and sometimes to get a scare out of people. However, some pranks started to stand out because they were either over the top or very extreme.

   A junior, who wishes to remain anonymous, shared what she did on April Fool’s Day.

   “I went into my bedroom to have a ‘serious conversation’ with my sister but first, I made her swear not to tell our mom. Then I told her that I received my report card and it was all F’s and that I would not have enough credits to graduate. My sister freaked out.”

   The junior explained how strict her parents are and how they would not take the news of her not graduating well because they expect a lot from her. She went to have a conversation with her parents, told them she needed to talk to them, and then took a dramatic pause before revealing that she “failed all her classes”.

   She said her parents went crazy -screaming, yelling, asking questions, and starting to ground her yet all she could do was laugh. Her parents demanded to know what was so funny and she pulled out her report card that was all A’s and one B and said “April Fools.” The junior said her parents were relieved but also very surprised by the prank she pulled and told her to never do anything like that again. That prank seemed to be really intense yet also a funny situation to be in when she surprised her entire family.

   April Fool’s Day is a holiday to celebrate people’s sense of humor and it seemed like DHS had a good time.