How Has High School Changed You?

   High school, where one day you’re a freshman and the next day you’re a senior. Time flies by in a blink of an eye and you realize the transformation that high school has done to you physically and mentally.

   From back in those days when you were just a small little middle schooler to how you’ve grown as a smart high schooler with independence and blossoming into the world as a young adult.

   For those who graduate this year, there must be many unforgettable moments that have occurred during these past four years and also many changes they have gone through.

   “High school is impossible to go through alone,” said Senior Tristan Elias. “I came out of my shell throughout these past four years and the more I got involved, the more fun I had. Playing sports, going to school events, and surrounding myself with great friends made my high school  experience awesome.”

   School can cause a bit of mood change on teens as time goes by, especially when they have too much on their hands.

   “High school has changed me because of all the homework and how much teachers require of you. I don’t get that much free time any more,” said Sophomore Paraskevi Constantinides.

   When you look back in your middle school years, you can say you either changed or you didn’t from the person you are now. It seems like each year, you become closer to those who you have class with and lose touch with others.

   “I don’t hang out with the same group of people but I’m happy with the friends I have now,” added Constantinides.

   You can learn valuable lessons that make you change and realize that you can’t always rely on your parents or your siblings to do things for you. Before long, it’s going to start growing on you that high school does truly affect you and it’s a place that you’ll remember forever.

   “I have become more independent and learned that I can’t always rely on everyone to do everything for me,” said Freshman Tyler Wong.

   It doesn’t matter how long or how short you’ve been in high school, but it does make you realize that you’re not a child anymore and that sooner or later you’re going to be on your own and high school is just a place that gives students a glimpse into how the real life will be after we graduate. Change can either not be very beneficial but for others it can be good and helpful.