Dublin High’s Brilliant Band


Brittany Roberts

The Dublin High Band performing at the spring concert.

   On April 15th and 16th , Dublin High School held their annual spring concert. One was held at the student café and the other was held in the sports complex. On April 15th, the Dublin High School Jazz Band was featured along with the Dublin High School Choir and on April 16th, the Dublin High School Winterguard, the Dublin High School Winter Percussion, and the Dublin High School Concert Band performed.

   On both days, they did an amazing job performing and playing their instruments. The band director, Mr. Everts, expressed his appreciation for his students by giving a speech about how hard they have been working and how they have contributed a lot of effort to be in the band. Mr. Everts also talked about how they have performed very well in other schools and the places they have gone. When talking about the band, he also mentioned his excitement about the new theatre opening up soon on campus.

   The school band was very professional and played very well. They played a couple of songs and it was obvious how much they enjoyed performing and how much the audience enjoyed their performance. They played songs such as Fair Phyllis, Appalachian Dances, and Doozy on Monday and Hunger Games, Equilibrium, and Time Streams on Tuesday. The amount of people in the school band is immense and the way they could all play together in sync was really impressive.

   The performance shows how talented the band members are because they weren’t all playing the same instrument. Instead, they were all sitting in groups organized by what instrument they played. Then, the band continued to impress by playing simultaneously. There were the flutes, oboes, bassoons, alto saxophones, clarinet, trumpets, French horns, euphoniums, trombones, tubas, percussion, and string bass, all performing with the choir and color guard. They all sounded great and the band members are an example of how kids who go to Dublin High are passionate about what they do. It was amazing and really nice to watch, keep up the good work Dublin High.